[Dec '10] Coming soon: Pantheios.Net. The same technology that allows Pantheios (C++) to be robust, succinct, extensible and highly efficient, applied to the .NET platform. Watch this space ... (or get in contact)






To use Pantheios, you need both the Pantheios distribution and the STLSoft distribution, available as follows:

  • The Pantheios distribution: The latest distribution (pantheios-1.0.1-beta198.zip) is available from SourceForge.
  • The STLSoft distribution (stlsoft-1.9.102.zip) is available from the STLSoft website.

Furthermore, you might also want to use the library selector for selecting the libraries and/or implicit link #include directives. This is also available for Win32 operating systems, from SourceForge.


The latest distribution (pantheios.com-1.0.1-beta30.zip) of the adjunct project Pantheios.COM is available from SourceForge.

See also

  • Essentials - essential facts you need to know about Pantheios to get up and running.
  • Pantheios Architecture - introduction to the four parts of the Pantheios architecture: Application Layer, Core, Front-end, Back-ends.
  • Tutorials - tutorials on using the Pantheios library.
  • Related Material - read up on the concepts of Shims & Type Tunneling, on the STLSoft auto_buffer class, on namespace aliasing, and more ...
  • API Documentation - once you've familiarised yourself with Pantheios via the tutorials, use the online documentation for fine details on the API functions and types.
  • Project Members - see who is implementing Pantheios, and how you can help out.
  • Performance - performance tests, which demonstrate the claimed peerless performance of Pantheios.
  • Future Directions - features that are anticipated/planned, but not yet implemented.


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